Crystal Kalinec-Craig has traveled the world in search of adventure and cats to snuggle with. She works at the University of Texas at San Antonio as a mathematics teacher educator, specifically elementary mathematics teacher education. She has written some, taught some, and worked on committees. (If you want a fancier, professional overview, click here: Crystal Kalinec-Craig – UTSA College of Education

Craig hates to brag about herself. Her research is about leveraging children and teachers’ mathematical resources in the classroom. She specifically looks at group worthy tasks and the Rights of the Learner as means of helping children to see themselves as mathematically smart and valuable contributors to the classroom learning process. She also is pretty interested in STEAM education and ethnomathematics from the local community (geometry of talavera tiles and math of mariachi music). Anything else I forgot to say? Oh yeah. I like cats. But that really isn’t much of a secret to my students or colleagues. Please reach out to her if you’d like to engage in the ideas she’s posted more!

Craig in Singapore, 2017.
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